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The Next Conquer Your Clutter course starts January 6, 2019. 

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If you feel overwhelmed by the clutter, clothes and piles of papers in your home...
If the constant cleaning up (and telling your family to clean up) is wearing you down…
If you want to be more organized but you’re not sure how to get started…
And you sometimes even dread coming home because you’ll have to deal with the mess yet AGAIN...
I want to show you how to break free of the clutter and experience more space, more time, more energy, and more freedom as a result.

Hi, I'm Rebekah Saltzman

In 2008 I lived in a cramped two bedroom apartment in NYC with my husband and three small kids. I’d just given birth to twin babies and clutter was taking over my life!

I was drowning in a sea of baby paraphernalia, laundry, piles of papers and gifts to exchange, and there was always something I needed to buy, fix, or get rid of.

Maybe you’ve been there.

The balagan combined with an endless “to do” list were draining my energy. I felt weighed down by the clutter. I never had enough time or space to get things organized and it made me feel like I just wasn’t good enough.

But no matter how many times I made a decision to take control and get organized, nothing really worked. Even when I did manage to declutter one area of my life or home, I couldn’t maintain it.


One day, I had a wake up call. I realized that organization isn’t a talent that people have, it’s a skill that anyone can learn and get better at...and that there are rules and systems for making it work. So I started by doing something that shocked my family and friends: I got rid of a whole bunch of stuff.
Yes, it was scary. And I wondered if I would regret it.
But the opposite actually happened...I felt so much lighter! And I felt calmer, with more patience and time for myself and my family.


I’ve created a 10-week challenge course to show you how to conquer your clutter--for GOOD.

And to make sure you succeed I’ll PAY YOU $30 every time you complete a challenge, up to a total of $300.

So you can feel lighter, calmer, and more relaxed as your home becomes orderly - and earn money back when you put my simple instructions into action.

Here’s what my students have to say...

I would never have thought I'd be able to really get past all the "stuff" in just 10 weeks. haven't bought anything for myself since registering for the class and I feel GREAT getting rid of stuff and not shopping for more. I have a long way to go in continuing to declutter what's built up in 20 years, but have made a huge dent in it.


I really enjoyed taking this course and my house is in a much better state! I love the feeling of having decluttered my home. Thanks so much!

- Helen

Conquer your Clutter was the right organizational tool at the right time. I have tried many times in the past to declutter my space. Truth is, my whole house can be described by the meme "there seems to have been a struggle". Really, it makes the after pictures of a tsunami look calm. That being said, I did not have high hopes of success. Rebekah's online course is clear and simple, and her instructions are easily implemented. One of the best features for me, was Rebekah's total accessibility. She made herself available to answer my questions and concerns within a reasonable amount of time and she worked on "my issues" until a satisfactory answer was found. Rebekah was encouraging and complimentary. She is friendly and reachable, in short, very human and sympathetic.

- Emi

In Just Ten Weeks With “Conquer Your Clutter” You Will


Get Energized as you declutter and make space


Destress as you know exactly where to store and find things

Save money by not losing things or buying in duplicate (or buying stuff you don’t need!)

Get Help as your family contributes to cleaning and organizing (and enjoys it)


Feel capable, productive and in control of your life and your home and feel the weight ease from your shoulders as your family contributes to cleaning and organizing (and enjoys it) and tasks like laundry, cooking and cleaning become easier


Fall in love with your home again and be ready to invite people over to show it off


Each week, for ten weeks, I’ll provide you with a complete action plan to declutter and organize different areas of your home and your life. And each week you’ll get a simple challenge to make sure you succeed. Complete the challenge and send me the proof, and I’ll refund you $30 for each one up to a total of $300!



We’re going to imagine your organized home and what it will look like, so that we can set goals to get you to the finish line.



Now that we have our vision it’s time to start transforming your home.



This week we’re going to focus on the declutter mindset.



Our kitchens are usually the hub of the family, but they also produce the most mess - we’ll get our kitchen chaos under control



A backlog of paperwork gets even the best of us down. But it doesn’t need to be that way.



Getting your family onboard is key to maintaining a clean home.



Make sure you have plenty of time for doing the things that you really love by using your time productively.



Holding on to clutter can make us feel guilty, but letting it go can be scary too. we’ll learn how to let go of the guilt



Buying less and reducing waste is key to decluttering. I’ll teach you how to choose what to reuse so that you reduce your trash



In our final week we’re going to learn the simple system to make sure your house stays clutter-free.

Conquer Your Clutter is a Ten Week Challenge starting October 14th, 2018

Here’s what you’ll get:

Action Plan


Action Plan

Weekly Complete Action Plan delivered to your inbox every Sunday


Weekly Q&A

Live Weekly Q&A sessions with me every Tuesday

Weekly challenge

10 X WEEKLY Challenges

Weekly Challenge

With my special "earn as you learn" $30 rebate for every challenge completed to a total of $300!


Members Only Facebook Group

Exclusive Content

Members Only Facebook Group for feedback and encouragement, with exclusive live content and interaction with me.


Bonus Downloads


Worksheets, checklists and planning charts

Personal Contact

Email Access

Email access to me personally for questions for the duration of the course


Weekly challenge

One on One Coaching

Pre One On One 30 minute online time management coaching

Making the time to declutter is hard with this special bonus we will peek at your calendar so that I can help you make the time to organize.

Weekly challenge

My “Holiday” Workbook

How to manage holidays

Learn how to manage holidays better with these planning workbooks so that you have less stress and less waste.

Weekly challenge

Online “Lifeline” Consultation

One-on-One Online “Lifeline” Consultation with Rebekah

If you get stuck, or just want to talk to me about your situation, or use my professional design skills to help you create beautiful spaces in your clutter-free home, consider this one-on-one online call with me your “Lifeline” call that you can use at any point during the course. Your choice, a one hour call or 2 thirty minute calls.

Now, if you were to have me come to your house personally for 10 sessions,and give you all these bonuses it would cost you at least $4500.

But I want this to be accessible for people who just need some hand holding to get it done. Which is why I’ve priced the Conquer Your Clutter course at  $897 or 3 payments of $317

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But there’s more, because I don’t want this to be just something you buy and don’t use. Which is why you’ll have a chance to...

*Get Up to $300 Back When You Complete  Conquer Your Clutter

I am so invested in your success, that I’m going to PAY YOU to complete each weekly challenge. Just complete and submit all ten weekly challenges to get $300 back! Or submit however many challenges you can and get $30 back at the end of the course for each one.

We’ll hit the road running on October 7, 2018 and cruise through to December 21, 2018,  (Plus you’ll get my special BONUS workbook “Organizing for the holidays” to make that so much easier).
The Live Q&A sessions are to help you overcome any challenges you have and give extra help and advice. I encourage you to block out the time in your calendar each week so you can get the full benefit. If you can’t make it, I’ll send you the recordings and you can watch at your leisure.
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
The best way to complete Conquer Your Clutter is to go slowly, do the work and complete the challenges, so we’ll take on one challenge at a time and work through it together.
You’ll find support and encouragement from your fellow students in the Facebook group and I’ll be in the group too, answering questions and giving extra tips. You can also email me anytime and I’ll get back to you. As a special bonus available in this Conquer Your Clutter course only, you’ll also get one personal consultation with me which you can use as a “lifeline” anytime if you’re getting stuck or want personal advice.
I built the weekly challenges into the program to help you succeed. Studies show that we’re more likely to persevere when we are held accountable for our actions, so I’m giving you a $30 incentive to get each challenge done. Don’t worry, the challenges are simple things that you’re going to WANT to do to get your house and life in order. You will have 2 weeks to complete each challenge and send me the proof.
At the end of the course, you will receive a rebate of $30 for every challenge you complete, up to $300. Rebates will be issued two weeks after class end date.
You forfeit the right to the rebate for that week's challenge, but you can still continue on to the next challenge.
Yes, you can choose three payments of $317, or pay $897 in one go (and don’t forget that you can earn a rebate of up to $300 by completing and submitting the weekly challenges).

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Don't miss this chance to get organized!

You’ll Get So Much More Than Just a Clean Home

I deeply believe that clearing the clutter from our our homes and our heads, makes room for a new blessing in our lives.
So when you invest in Conquer the Clutter you’ll have more than just a clean home.
You’ll have the mental energy to take on new projects and make room for new opportunities to come into your life.
You’ll have more time for activities that make you happy.
You’ll save money that you can use for a fun couple or family activity.
You’ll enjoy a better quality of life all around because you enjoy being in your home with the people you love.
These are the blessings I want for you.
So let’s do this together. Grab your place now and let’s get started!

Here’s to happy homes,




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