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Painless Pesach


A 45 day challenge to
Clear your Clutter
and make Pesach Painless.

Hi, I'm Rebekah Saltzman

In 2008 I had just given birth to twins and now there were 5 of us living in a cramped two bedroom apartment in New York. I was drowning in a sea of baby gear, laundry, papers, and gifts. There was always something I needed to buy, return, fix or declutter.

All the balagan combined with an endless “to do” list was draining my energy. I felt weighed down by the clutter. I never had enough time or space to get things organized and it made me feel like I just wasn’t good enough.

But no matter how many times I made a decision to take control and get organized, nothing worked. Even when I did manage to organize one area of my life, I couldn’t maintain it.


One day, I realized that organization starts with having less, so I decluttered and I got rid of a whole bunch of stuff.
It was scary!!! And I wondered if I would regret it.
But I didn't, I felt so much lighter! And I felt calmer, and had more patience and time for myself and my family.


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